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Udemy’s e-learning platform might be the only personal development training you need



Tech is among the fastest-moving, fastest-changing fields in the modern world. Even for the savviest of tech brainiacs, there’s too much happening too fast to stay on top of it all. That’s why it’s important to identify the places you can turn to in order to learn all that late-breaking information and get up to speed when a new opportunity presents itself. 

Udemy can be that place for tech-focused achievers. After 15 years as one of the premier locations on the web for personal development, Udemy is now home to over 183,000 video courses covering virtually any business growth area possible.   

From procession-driven procedural training in software programs and industry practices to more general communications or career planning coursework, these classes offer numerous directions for adding a new skill to your resume or developing the right skills to take your career to the next level.

With more than 49 million learners served and nearly 700 million course enrollments under its belt, Udemy’s vast archive of training options means students will always have a wide range of possibilities for adding just the right skill set to their abilities.

If you’re into web development, there are hundreds of courses covering topics like Python, C#, machine learning, Java, data science, and more. For marketers, there’s training in digital and social advertising, copywriting, SEO, analytics, and beyond. For those looking for deeper business knowledge, there are courses in project management, real estate investing, data modeling, and more. 

Plus, there is a vast array of soft skills course training as well. From artistic endeavors like photography and music to more personal development exploration in areas like leadership and communication, there’s not much the army of more than 65,000 Udemy expert instructors don’t know and can’t teach in one of these easy-to-follow courses.

While earning the trust of its millions of individual learners, Udemy is also relied upon by its corporate partners, including Fortune 500 companies like Apple, Netflix, and Volkswagen. They count on Udemy courses to help develop their current employees in new necessary skills. 

“This is one of the best online courses platforms ever. It contains a lot of courses in every single field,” Udemy learner Ahmed said. “Prices are very cheap compared to other platforms. Also, I found a lot of free courses there. I highly recommend it.”

Udemy coursework is available on an ala carte model, allowing students to train up in the precise area they want without spending extra money on instruction they don’t need. To find out what’s available, learners can go to the Udemy website, find a course they want to explore, then get set to expand their professional horizons.

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