The Renaissance, the All Observing Eye and the Constitution of the United States of The united states

The All Looking at Eye of historic Egypt, depicted upon the Wonderful Seal of The us, signifies a fractal logic thought of political Liberty that is now re-emerging into a new international comprehension. The historic notion revealed its misplaced secret when the science of quantum mechanics was prolonged into the evolutionary lifestyle-science of quantum biology. There is now an evident benefit that various religious denominations and secular establishments, may possibly obtain, by sharing a moderate arduous ethical being familiar with of the optic principles upholding spiritual truth, current in just a holographic universe.

The ancient Mystery Colleges of Babylon and Egypt shared a frequent denominator with other ancient Eastern philosophies, which assisted carry Western Classical Greek lifestyle-science into existence. This essay focusses upon the historical civilisations of Egypt and Greece, but it is suitable to a multitude of global non secular aspirations, based mostly upon that popular denominator. It is namely, an intuition to utilize fractal logic reasoning in spiritual issues. That intuition is now re-emerging as a essential component of the new quantum biology science of existence.

All through the Egyptian 1st Kingdom, geometrical expertise was needed to resurvey boundaries of loaded fertile farms, dropped for the duration of the the yearly flooding of the Nile. An additional, individual sacred geometry existed, a single that extended its logic into the infinite globe of fanciful immortal Egyptian gods. Throughout the 2nd Kingdom, this historical fractal geometrical logic became the foundation for integrating ideas of mercy, compassion and justice into Egyptian political law. When the Greek thinker Pythagoras, went to analyze political ethics at the Mystery Educational facilities of historical Egypt, he effectively devised an experiment in harmonics, known as the Comma of Pythagoras. This element of the Pythagorian Audio of the Spheres discoveries, affiliated ‘Liberty’ with the political arithmetic belonging to The Eye of Horus, the All Observing Eye.

The only geometrical logic identified to extend to infinity is now recognised by science to be fractal logic. Considering the fact that the 5th Century right until now, the Western religious Globe-check out prohibited any everyday living-science to be linked to such pagan logic. This was demonstrated to be superstitious ignorance when optical nanotechnology disclosed the Platonic fractal optics to be working inside of the human DNA. The NASA High Electrical power Astrophysics Division has published papers arguing that the Classical Greek Era’s science of daily life was based on fractal logic. The fractal idea of political liberty is depicted on the American just one greenback monthly bill, and it refers to the Comma of Pythagoras experiment. Having said that, at the time of the drafting of the Constitution of the United States of The us, a grave scientific mistake transpired, resulting in an unbalanced scientific confusion.

One of the founding fathers of the Structure, Alexander Hamilton, stated this challenge. He did in fact, produce that Liberty was involved with physics and geometrical ideas. Even so, the Structure was based mostly upon Sir Isaac Newton’s revealed physics concepts. Newton’s unpublished Heresy papers had been not found out right until very last century. Sir Isaac Newton’s conviction of the existence of a “much more profound organic philosophy to harmony the mechanical description of the universe…”was centered upon Platonic physics and mathematical ideas.

The Christian Church outlawed the balanced Globe-check out political liberty principle in the course of the 5th Century, some thirteen hundred a long time just before the drafting of the American Structure, Newton’s balancing fractal Earth-see, now at the slicing edge of quantum biological politician science, had been omitted, leaving a baffled comprehension of Pythagoras’ mathematical proof, which anxious itself with human liberty inside a substance universe balanced by the functioning of a non secular or holographic reality. The pertinent technologies are now regarded to be vital stipulations for balanced organic development and improvement as a result of house-time

Throughout the reign of Pope Cyril of Alexandria through the 5th Century, a Christian mob burnt numerous hundreds of years of fractal logic analysis scrolls at the Fantastic Library of Alexandria, raping and murdering it can be custodian, the mathematician Hypatia. St Augustine, at that time, officially recorded that her fractal logic mathematics was the operate of the Satan. In his book The Decrease and Drop of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon wrote that Hypatia’s loss of life marked the starting of Western Civilisations’ Dim Ages.

Western civilisation is only now beginning to arise from the Dim Age corruption of Plato’s non secular optical arithmetic (revised for physics by the father of optics Ibn Al Haytham for the duration of the 11th Century). That misplaced logic is now an indeniable element of the new Platonic-Fullerene Chemistry of fractal quantum biological healthcare science, now emerging through Europe and The us. Fullerene Chemisty, is centered upon the holographic engineering rules of Plato’s spiritual optics as is observed by Harvard University’s Novartis Chair, Professor Amy Edmonson, in her on the web essay The Fuller Explanation.

The Christian Church hierarchy, very long a sworn enemy of political democracy concepts being centered upon spiritual fractal logic science, has not yet relinquished its part in the corruption of these physics logic. This angle denies open discussion in the affairs of world politics. in comprehensive contempt of the 3rd Century BC Platonic Science of Universal Appreciate, of which the Knights Templar and later Freemasonry (rightly or wrongly) joined to the teachings of Jesus Christ, as in the Jefferson Bible, held in just the American Congressional Library.

Civilisation can be noticed to be even now in the Christian Dark Ages, This is collaborated by the truth that Cambridge College, because 1932 up till the current time, internationally requires the foundation of elementary university student Core Curriculum scientific tests, to be joined to the essay by the thinker F M Cornford. entitled Right before and Immediately after Socrates. This essay is made up of the preposterous declare that Plato can be thought of to be 1 of the greatest fathers of the Church, when his fractal logic non secular arithmetic was cursed by St Augustine as being the perform of the Devil.

To add insult to injuries, Western society forbids the linking of life science to fractal logic due to the fact 20th Century science was ruled by an insufficient being familiar with of the next regulation of thermodynamics, which demands the full destruction of all daily life in the universe, forbidding any Platonic fractal-daily life science to exist. That regulation, continue to governing fashionable science, was derived from the Church’s 13th Century unethical (later witch burning) insurance policies of St Thomas Aquinas. Reverend Thomas Malthus employed Aquinas’ procedures as the basis of the East India Company’s ruthless economic guidelines, which, throughout the 18th Century, have been cited by Charles Darwin as currently being synonymous with the next legislation of thermodynamics, now imposing a economic Hell on Earth.

All through the 1980s the Science-Art Exploration Centre of Australia employed historical geometrical logic to prove the existence of new everyday living-science physics laws linked with the Pythagorean Music of the Spheres. The proof arithmetic have been reprinted from Italy’s main scientific journal, Il Nuovo Cimento, as an important discovery of the 20th Century by the world’s most significant technological exploration institute, IEEE Milestone Series in Washington. Even with that revealed fact, most scientists refused to take into consideration the assert that the do the job was dependent upon the forbidden fractal lifetime-science logic.

Nevertheless, in the eminent science book, The Natural beauty of Fractals-Pictures of Sophisticated Dynamical Systems, by H Peitgen and P Richter, a chapter about extending quantum mechanics to quantum biology is entitled Independence, Science, and Aesthetics, prepared by Professor Gert Eilenberger, the Director of a German scientific institute. Within his profound post he wrote about the bridging of “rational scientific perception” with “emotional aesthetic attractiveness” through optical fractal logic. This appears to echo the historic geometrical fractal reasoning of Pythagoras, when he affiliated the All Seeing Eye optical mathematics with the idea of political flexibility.

The Church undoubtedly, is now honour certain to cease its corruption of science tactics. The earth does revolve all around the sunshine and was by no means the centre of the universe. Religious fact now refers to ethical or God-like holographic fact and we can all fork out homage to the devout Christian researchers who have been afterwards punished for trying to clarify about the Platonic Science of Common Really like, at the time taught all through Italy all through the1st Century BC, as recorded by the historian Cicero.

Professor Robert Pope © 2011

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