School can’t stop teacher from outing transgender student, judge rules

A federal judge in Kansas has barred a public middle school at the Fort Riley Army base from blocking a teacher from outing transgender LGBT students.

A federal judge is blocking a Kansas public school’s policy preventing teachers from outing transgender students to their parents after the teacher raised religious objections.

Fort Riley Middle School math teacher Pamela Ricard sued USD 475 Geary County Schools over LGBTQ anti-discrimination policies that conflicted with her Christian beliefs.

District Judge Holly Teeter issued a preliminary injunction on Monday blocking the school from disciplining Ricard if she reveals preferred names and pronouns of her transgender students when communicating with their parents.

“The Court relies on Plaintiff’s statements that she does not intend to communicate with a parent for the sole purpose of disclosing a student’s preferred name and pronouns,” Teeter wrote.

Ricard has two transgender students in her class, the judge wrote, neither of whom have authorized the district to disclose their preferred names and pronouns to their parents. While Ricard uses their preferred names in class and avoids pronouns, she has emailed parents using a student’s legal name and biological pronouns.

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