Omaha, Ark. community reacts after high school principal charged in murder of wife

OMAHA, Ark. (KY3) – The Boone County, Arkansas district attorney has filed second-degree murder charges against the Omaha High School principal in the death of his wife.

Rocky Dodson, 52, faces a second-degree murder charge in the death of Amanda Dodson, 36. Investigators say she suffered a severe head injury that caused her death on March 6.

According to the Boone County Sheriff, Dodson had contacted authorities on Sunday morning stating he had ‘woken up to find his wife had passed.’

“During our investigation, what has came out through interviews, search warrants, and the findings of the crime lab, as of this time and as of yesterday our prosecutor decided to charge Rocky Dodson with second-degree murder,” explained Sheriff Tim Roberson with the Boone County Sheriff’s Office.

Dodson and his wife were both employees of the Omaha School District.

”I don’t think anyone was shocked, I think they’re angry because Amanda was an angel,” said Devon Turner, a parent of two Omaha students and Omaha High School alum.

”We hate it. The community of Omaha, I know they’re mourning for many reasons and we stand here to help them on that side,” said Sheriff Roberson. “But on the other side of that it is a criminal case, and we do have to protect the integrity of that case.”

The Omaha School District recently had an issue with Dodson being accused of violating the corporal punishment consent policy for failure to notify a parent before administering swats.

”I’ve opted my child out of it and if it was brought up for parents that have chosen it, they’re supposed to receive a phone call,” said Turner. “So not only was he not supposed to receive it, I didn’t get the phone call.”

Turner says she has brought the issue before the school board in hopes of getting the corporal punishment policy completely removed, but no resolution has come to this point.

“This man may be in a position of taking out some anger. He went ahead and did it without permission,” she said. “That’s a real violation in my opinion. I feel like it’s a perfect example, now that he’s under scrutiny for possibly having a part in his wife’s passing.”

With Dodson now in custody, many in the Omaha community wait for what happens next.

”We’re shocked because it was a wolf in sheep’s clothing right underneath our nose and we all feel completely confused by it,” said Turner.

In a statement to KY3 News, Omaha Superintendent Ryan D. Huff says Dodson has been placed on administrative leave. Superintendent Huff says the safety of the students is the number one priority. The school is offering to counsel any teachers or students.

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