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IELTS English Speaking Tips – 1

In Element 1 of the IELTS talking check you have to converse about 3 topics – your hometown or your work/review AND two additional common subjects. You are expected to converse fluently and effortlessly for 4 or 5 minutes. Component 1 tends to concentration on the current tense.

Some widespread issues on the hometown topic are:
*Let us discuss about your dwelling city or village.
*What variety of area is it?
*What is the most intriguing element in your hometown?
*What variety of positions do the men and women in your city do?
*Would you say it is a very good area to dwell? Why?

Some items you really should know about this subject are:
– the name of the hometown, exactly where it is situated, what it looks like, fascinating locations these kinds of as parks, buildings, purchasing places and historical locations of interest
– employment that your hometown could be recognised for, specific work opportunities particular to your hometown, widespread or typical work opportunities to be identified, unusual work opportunities
– reasons why it is a fantastic spot to are living these kinds of as clear air, gorgeous surroundings, excellent shopping, secure and protected or good reasons why it is not a great area to are living such as air pollution, unemployment, lack of services for straightforward dwelling

Since it is your hometown, it must be actually acquainted to you and you should have pretty minor hassle talking about it. It’s a excellent notion to make notes about your hometown when you are practicing answers or generate things you would like to say. However, you should observe saying your answers out aloud as this is a speaking check and you will be tested on how obviously and fluently you communicate.

You can report oneself on audio to see how you audio, practice with a good friend (get them to inquire you the queries), or follow with a trainer or on the internet mentor. The extra queries you are asked, the a lot more observe you will have in answering.

In my subsequent short article I will discuss about the subject areas of work or review that will assistance you get ready for the IELTS speaking test in Component 1.