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How To Make A Claim On Your Travel Insurance Policy

<strong>How To Make A Claim On Your Travel Insurance Policy</strong>

Before you set off on your next trip, make sure you buy travel insurance online.

However, when it comes to making a claim on your international travel insurance policy, it can seem like a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. In this guide, we will show you how to make a claim on your travel insurance policy so that you can enjoy a hassle-free claim process.

Making a claim while travelling 

Make sure to bring the information for your emergency contacts and insurance policy number with you. This will help ensure that any issues you have are resolved as quickly as possible by letting you know exactly who to contact first. 

Making a claim when you get home

When you return home and need to file a claim under your travel insurance, make sure the following items are true before you do so: 

  • You are protected for what you are asking for how much the excess is because you have filed your claim within the allotted time frame. 
  • The amount that your international travel insurance will deduct from the claim is known as the excess. If the amount you are claiming is less than the tiny print, it might not be worthwhile to file a claim. 
  • Verify that the terms and conditions do not prohibit you from making a claim, regardless of whether it is a new or existing insurance. 

Request a claim form from your insurer as fast as you can by getting in touch with them. To expedite the process, they might be able to email this to you. Make sure you carefully fill out the claim form and retain a duplicate for yourself.

Making a claim for lost, stolen, or damaged bags or things 

While travelling, you are expected to treat your possessions with reasonable care. The flight insurance company will demand proof that you took these actions. 

Within 24 hours of the missing items, you should report any lost or stolen property to the local police. If it’s not possible, notify someone else—your tour guide, hotel manager, or source of transportation—and request a written report. 

Ask for receipts to include as supporting documentation with your claim if you need to replenish any necessities, such as toiletries or emergency clothing. 

Process for a claim about personal injuries and medical emergencies 

If you require medical care while you are abroad, try to get in touch with your insurer right away and get them to approve the care. Although it would not be possible in an emergency, you ought to do this before it is executed.

For medical care, you might have to make an upfront payment and then reimburse yourself when you come home. Get receipts for whatever treatment or medication you receive, always. 

If you did not disclose any pre-existing medical conditions to your travel insurance provider before purchasing coverage, you might not be compensated should you require care for them while you are on vacation. 

Process for a claim if you have to cancel or shorten your trip

Your insurer will accept your claim if you have a genuine reason for cancelling or shortening your vacation if you need to make a claim. Several causes could be: 

Unexpected home fire, burglary, or damage occurring; unanticipated passing away, illness, or injury to you, your partner, or those travelling with you; being made redundant; being advised not to travel while pregnant after taking out the insurance for travelling abroad; being summoned for jury duty or to testify in court.

By taking the time to buy travel insurance online and familiarising yourself with the claims process, you can ensure that you’re fully prepared for any unexpected events whenever they happen.

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