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How Some Well-known Chinese Teas Got Their Names – Significant Crimson Robe, Iron Goddess and Monkey Stalwart

Chinese tea is the things of legends. A blend of age previous traditions and Chinese penchant for hyperbole additionally the myriad of Chinese myths handed down the generations conspired to deliver practically 1000’s of tales for teas throughout distinctive provinces in China. In which it could not be obvious for all types- for case in point the Silver Needles tea, you would be right in guessing the identify came from its overall look. When names like Significant Pink Robe, Iron Goddess and Monkey Stalwart come into engage in, you know there Will have to be a legend waiting to be informed.

How the Huge Pink Gown obtained its identify

Legend has it, the moment upon a time a scholar was rushing to the capital for the Imperial Evaluation. On the way, he passed by Mt Wuyi and fell unwell there. An outdated monk brought him into the temple and among the other functions of hospitality, brewed him a bowl of tea.

Right after the scholar recovered, he hurried on his way to the cash. As luck would have it, he came in first in the Imperial Evaluation as was sooner or later created the Prince Consort. Some time later on, he returned to Mt Wuyi to categorical his gratitude to the outdated monk. The aged monk then introduced him to a cliff and showed him a few tall tea trees growing. The trees seemed powerful and durable and emitted a scarlet crimson glow below the solar.

The aged monk then explained to the recently conferred Prince Consort- ‘last calendar year you fell unwell and was fixed by the tea from this pretty tree.’ The scholar promptly asked for to bring some to the Emperor.

As destiny would have it, the Emperor took unwell when the Prince Consort returned to the money. The Prince Consort instantly instructed of his tale and introduced the tea to the Emperor. Absolutely sure adequate, the Emperor was cured and in his delight, he gave a red robe to the Prince Consort, ordering him to ‘present’ it to the tea trees as a sign of the Emperor’s favor.

The Prince Consort dutifully went back again to Mt Wuyi and bought a woodcutter to perform the duty for him. Immediately after the gown was taken out, legend has it that trees emitted a pink glow through harvest time as it was ‘dyed’ by the Royal Crimson Robe.

Thereafter, the locals started out referring to that tree as the Major Purple Gown or Massive Scarlet Robe.

How the Iron Goddess obtained its name

Common legend has it that all around the 18th century, in Anxi district, there was an outdated farmer by the title of Wei Yin. He diligent grew tea and was a devout Buddhist, featuring a Guanyin statue a cup of tea each individual early morning. 1 night time he had a desire, the goddess directed him to a certain tea tree amidst the rocks with leaves that emitted a fascinating aroma.

The next morning he followed the path he took in the aspiration and correct ample he uncovered that tree. He subsequently transplanted the tree house and named it Iron Guanyin or Tieguanyin soon after the goddess who provided for him.

How the Monkey Stalwart got its identify

Taiping Houkui will get its unique title from a legend that a harvester was browsing for leaves when he smelled a heavenly fragrance. When he seemed all-around, he observed some wild tea trees that were being developed on the rocky cliffs, with no apparent route in sight he was forced to abandon the leaves.

But he never ever pretty gave up. Inevitably he came qualified some monkeys (hou) to scale the perilous cliffs and harvest the leaves for him. When individuals tasted the tea, they praised it contacting it cha zhong zhi kuiA stalwart among teas. Thereafter the name Houkui or Monkey Stalwart stuck.