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How AI is simplifying the study abroad application process for aspirants and universities

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Technology is changing the world at an unprecedented pace, transforming every aspect of human life. Tech adoption is a proven catalyst for revolutionizing all sectors of society, including the education industry, thereby producing several technology-led interventions in the industry. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated technological pervasiveness as most schools/colleges/universities embraced the online learning mode. Cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) have revolutionized the education sector by addressing some of the biggest challenges in education, facilitating innovative teaching and learning practices among students.

Witnessing the enormous potential of AI, several institutions are now leveraging this new-age technology to enhance student enrollment, retention, and learning outcomes. With technology garnering maximum momentum, edtech companies have carved a niche for themselves, helping millions of students be able to upskill in the fast-paced-global-21st-century through online courses. The demand for overseas education has also witnessed an unprecedented surge over the past few years. However, most students experience a severe shortage of credible information and the proper assistance to fulfil their study abroad dreams at esteemed global universities.

Due to such a flawed backdrop, several study abroad platforms have emerged to democratize the global admissions market and help students with proper guidance through the effective use of AI. These platforms became a one-stop solution, simplifying and making the entire process for students truly satisfying and hassle-free via AI and ML. On the occasion of National Technology Day, let’s take a brief look at how overseas education consultants leverage AI to help students find the right university abroad. 

AI offers the right course & university recommendations

Students find it immensely difficult to navigate and select the most appropriate course offered by a specific university. There is a vast pool of graduate and postgraduate universities in countries, including the US, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc. So, students often get confused about finding the best one independently. AI and ML-driven integrated search tools facilitated by overseas education platforms help students make better, well-informed decisions. These AI-powered platforms are supporting users in effectively tackling their everyday hurdles and challenges related to overseas education. 

Universities can better analyse students’ future decisions when studyin abroad platforms incorporate students’ data with their subject preferences, career choices, preferred location, grades, etc. Moreover, overseas education consultants offer AI-enabled chatbots that answer all questions regarding courses, universities, loans, visas, applications, scholarships, and other departure activities. They also offer career mentoring and visa interview tools that prepare students in the best way possible and fulfill their demands of finding the right university. As these edtech companies have penetrated Tier 2 and 3 cities in India, students from these areas can also meet their career aspirations in their dream universities abroad.

AI helps universities enhance their student enrollment & engagement game

Overseas education consultancy firms organize various events and workshops, where they onboard prestigious foreign universities. Such events facilitate information exchange between university representatives and aspirants. Using sophisticated modern technologies like AI and ML promotes student enrollment and engagement and bolsters student outcomes phenomenally. AI implementation in the enrollment process significantly increases the number of students applying for courses and reduces university expenses. AI-enabled chatbots send personalized messages and reminders to students, including application submission deadlines, required documents, and enrollment rules to prospective students. These chatbots also inform students about financial opportunities like loans, scholarships, grants, etc., which actively engage students.

On top of all, AI-empowered automated document verification has banished the traditional time-consuming method of enrolling students by universities. It significantly reduces the excess time and effort involved in documentation and application verification. An automated process perfectly speeds up the students’ application verification process, helping them make informed decisions and receive their acceptance faster.


The factors mentioned above indicate how AI has garnered unparalleled popularity as a trend. It has successfully revolutionized the education sector beyond the science fiction world through edtech startups offering seamless study overseas solutions. These points show how a demand-driven technology like AI shall undoubtedly bolster the future of the study abroad admissions process for students and universities. So, the industry expects the entry of more AI-enabled overseas education consultant startups to help thousands of students (even from Tier 2 & 3 cities) apply to prospective global universities.  



Views expressed above are the author’s own.