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Homeschooling is the best form of education and here’s why

Staff writer William Biagini writes about his personal experience with homeschooling and its benefits compared to the public school system.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about countless social and economic changes to our world. However, few can even begin to compare to how fast homeschooling rates have skyrocketed the past couple of years. 

One may say that because the COVID-19 restrictions have forced everyone to stay at home, everyone has technically been “homeschooled.” This is, however, not what I am referring to. “Homeschooling,” in this article, refers to those who are no longer (or never were) enrolled in the public or private school system. 

Having been homeschooled from the first to the 10th grade and attending a private school in Europe from the 11th grade through graduation, I speak with relevant experience in both educational realms. The conclusion I have come to is this: if done right, homeschooling is by far the best form of education. Let me explain why.