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Bhimashankar Temple – 6th Jyotirlinga of Shiva

Bhimashankar is one particular of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Shiva. In this age of the world wide web and omnipresent Wikipedia/Google, acquiring normal information about Jyotirlingas and the concomitant legends is an uncomplicated task. It’s the similar hackneyed info churned out by other individuals. What matters most is the perspective of a visitor or a devotee who has seen and imbibed the (divine) spirit 1st hand. And that will make the change and usually takes away the cherry.

Lord Shiva is the Adi Deva (oldest deity) of the Hindus. According to Spalding Professor of Eastern Religions and Ethics at Oxford University, R C Zehmer, ‘It’s not a hyperbole or an exaggeration but a truth that Indian mythology is replete with innumerable legends and exploits of Shiva.’ Rigved (Not Rigveda this is an erroneous orthography presented and popularised by the Brits) had the reference to Shiva just about 5500 yrs ago. The audience may well remember that in B R Chopra’s Mahabharat, Bhishma made use of to say, ‘Mahadev ki saugandh’ (I swear by Mahadev). And Mahabharat is considered to be 3000-3500-year-previous.

Pilgrims living around Poona/Bombay have an easy obtain to Bhimashankar. It takes all over 3-4 hours to get to there from Pune.

It really is cradled in Sahyadri Mountain Vary. The scenic elegance of the position adds to divinity. According to Garud Puran, ‘Pratasthe dwadasham jyotirlingam darshanam apariharya iti ashtavinayakam paridoshat’ (If one visits a Jyotirlingam, he/she should really visit all just like one particular have to visit all eight Ganesha abodes).

In accordance to ‘Hindu Dharmsthal Soochi’ (the list of Hindu Pilgrim Centres) that appeared in now defunct ‘Dharmyug’ in 1978, there’re 73 cardinal pilgrim places for Hindus. Twelve Jyotirlingas and Ashtvinayak are between them.

The author of this piece frequented Bhimashankar in 2007. It employed to be lush environmentally friendly. It truly is even now pretty verdant but someplace with the passage of time, this place now seems to be a bit business like Shani Shingnapur and Shirdi.

It truly is believed that each Jyotirlinga grants a particular desire of the devotee. And why on earth do we all visit temples and pilgrim centres? Never we go there to beg (for alms)? In any case, Bhimashankar is affiliated with wealth. If you want prosperity, go there and pray to the Lord. He’ll grant your prosperity-want! So uncomplicated!

I saw a single incredibly well-known Bollywood actor at Bhimashankar and was explained to that he experienced been traveling to this Jyotirliga for very last 12 several years often. Unnecessary to say, he’s stinking loaded. He might have been praying to the deity to acquire more prosperity as this has no conclude. To quote Urdu poet Asadullah Khan Ghalib, ‘There’re legions of wishes and a single can die for just about every wish/I died lots of a time, but that was not enough’.

One can stay in this article right away. Villagers and the clergymen make very affordable arrangements for the remain. There’re tolerably very good eateries in which one particular can have snacks and even whole-fledged meals (this is a instead new addition). Bhimashankar temple darshan timings are 4:30 am to 9:30 pm.

All those who check out Poona, also go to Bhimashankar (supplied they’re Hindus!).

I read through somewhere that shooting is prohibited at all 12 Jyotirlingas. But I have found Bhimashankar in quite a number of Hindi films. There was a documentary on it that was revealed on Doordarshan way back in 1976. Akashvani, Poona employed to give information on Bhimashankar and other shrines near Poona on just about every Wednesday. It is been stopped.

All in all, a superior place for folks with a spiritual bent of mind.