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Best Language Learning Apps You Should Try in 2022

Best Language Learning Apps You Should Try in 2022

The modern development of information technologies has contributed to the emergence of a new form of the educational process, called mobile learning. Mobile learning is a special approach to learning, in which a mobile educational environment is created on the basis of mobile electronic devices. Thus, students can use smartphones, tablets, and netbooks as a means of accessing learning materials posted on the Internet, anywhere and anytime.

Much effort is needed to develop mobile learning. But already today, scientists cite a large number of examples of the use of mobile applications in the practice of studying various languages. However, creating applications is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Developers have to spend a lot of time and effort on creating proprietary software. 

Best Language Learning Apps You Should Try in 2022

Resource: Jatapp has a detailed guide in case you would like to know more, just follow the link https://jatapp.com/blog/how-to-build-language-learning-app/.

Main Groups of Language Learning Mobile Applications 

By purpose, all currently available language learning applications can be divided into three groups:

  1. Mobile apps aimed at developing language skills;
  2. Mobile applications aimed primarily at improving certain speech skills;
  3. Universal mobile applications designed for the integrated development of foreign language communicative competence.

The other type of language learning software are embedded in educational and corporate software for business profits and improving overall organizations

  1. Colleges software for communication 
  2. Corporate learning software

Resource: The digital hacker has a great article on corporate learning software listice the best corporate learning software.

The best apps that help you learn languages are characterized in the next section.

Useful Language Applications You Should Try in 2022

Here is the list of best language apps as per our research

1. Multitran

Best Language Learning Apps You Should Try in 2022

This application can be recommended to students with a high level of computer knowledge. The dictionary contains a large number of meanings of words that are not always sufficiently systematized and may be excessive at the initial stage of learning;

2. My Word Book

Best Language Learning Apps You Should Try in 2022

This mobile application is available on the British Council website. Its vocabulary is presented in the form of interactive flashcards. They are organized both arbitrarily and in the form of thematic groups, divided into three levels of difficulty. Each flashcard is provided with a definition and example of use from the Cambridge University Press dictionary, translation, margin fields, audio example, image, etc. The “Practice” section contains five types of tasks, after which the user can move a word to the list of learned vocabulary. This language learning app was developed as part of the British Council’s curriculum based on sources from Cambridge University Press, which is a reliable recommendation for its use;

3. EasyTen

Best Language Learning Apps You Should Try in 2022

This is one of the new language apps designed to replenish vocabulary at any level of English. An individual approach to user needs forms the basis for its principle of operation. In particular, it allows you to personally select words to memorize, excluding familiar vocabulary. The words selected for study are available in a special player that reproduces their pronunciation. According to the established training schedule, the application offers the user daily from 10 to 20 new words, as well as four types of tests for each word, based on different types of information perception;

4. Memrise

Best Language Learning Apps You Should Try in 2022

This is a free multifunctional application for storing various information. Meme cards, which are designed to make it easier to memorize new words, are used as a mnemonic technique. The main type of work with this application is switching between numerous voiced dictionary cards, alternating with simple tasks of multiple choice;

Learn English Grammar is also one of the well-known foreign language applications. It contains grammar exercises of four levels (Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced). The free version contains a limited number of tasks for each level. In total, each level covers more than 600 grammar exercises, grouped into 25 grammar sections (“If sentences”, “Past Simple Tense”, “Prepositions”, etc.);

5. Johnny Grammar’s Word Challenge

Best Language Learning Apps You Should Try in 2022

This best language app is a quiz for those who are mastering a foreign language. It allows you to check the general level of mastery not only of grammar and common vocabulary but also spelling. Quiz tests are divided into three categories within three levels of difficulty. If the user gives an incorrect answer, the application explains in detail what a mistake is. The game form of the program assumes that the user must complete the maximum possible number of tasks in 1 minute;

6. Game to Learn English

Best Language Learning Apps You Should Try in 2022

This is one of the popular free language apps intended for students who have a basic vocabulary but an insufficient level of knowledge in the field of grammar. The principle of the program is that the user corrects grammatical errors in micro texts. The application contains many examples, rules from the main sections of English grammar, 20 levels, 3 learning modes;

7. TED-Ed

Best Language Learning Apps You Should Try in 2022

This educational resource contains short films created by teachers in conjunction with animators. Videos are grouped by topic. The use of such video tutorials promotes the development of speech perception by ear and expands the vocabulary;

8. Hooked

Best Language Learning Apps You Should Try in 2022

Thanks to this application, users of tablets and smartphones have received a new format of e-books, built in the form of a dialog in the messenger. The program allows you to get acquainted with such a popular genre of communication as text messaging.

Therefore, there are a significant number of mobile applications for learning a foreign language today. They are aimed at acquiring different skills and abilities, as well as at developing different types of speech activity. 

The wide range and variety of available mobile learning resources allow everyone to choose the best language learning app according to individual needs, interests, and level of language training.

Best Language Learning Apps You Should Try in 2022