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7 Must-have Android Apps For Students – Phandroid

7 Must-have Android Apps For Students – Phandroid

With so many students relying on smartphones for their day-to-day interactions and communication, it’s only right to be aware of some of the best Android apps to have on their phones. There are so many great apps out there these days that filling up your phone memory with the right ones can often take a lot of effort.

Luckily, we have some app recommendations for college students. As Barbara Stewart, tech blogger at papersowl.com says, “when a student has the right software on their handheld devices, their college experience can become much easier and even more enjoyable.” So, if you’re looking for some of the best apps available on Android phones to help you out, check out the following. 


There are a lot of note-taking applications that people use, each with its own selling points. However, Notion is perhaps the greatest app in this category. That is because apart from being a note-taker, Notion also acts as a student planner, a daily journal, and a great way to manage your students, among a lot more. On top of that, the app also allows you to use templates so that taking notes becomes much more efficient. 

Office Lens 

This one has to be on every list of great college apps because of how simple it makes taking pictures and having them automatically aligned and saved. Apps to scan documents are essential for just about anyone these days. Imagine your professor explaining a complex diagram that’s drawn on the board and not having the time to replicate the diagram yourself while you listen to the professor explain it. With this application, all you need to do is take a quick picture and the app will ‘scan’ the image for you and you can reference it later.

Google Docs/Microsoft Office

Whether you use Docs or Office, having one of these on your phone is crucial. Both of these allow you to create and edit papers, presentations and excel sheets right on your phone. This makes it so much easier to keep all your files with you at all times, even when you can’t take your laptop to school for some reason. You can use the free version of Microsoft’s app so you don’t have to worry about spending extra money on an expensive plan. Whichever one of these two you choose, it might just become the best app you have on your phone. 

Oxford Dictionary

If you’re studying a program in English, having a dictionary is a must! There are too many of these apps that you can get but the Oxford English dictionary is the standard. Whether you’re writing great research papers or essays for your class, having a dictionary handy can go a long way in helping you. You might also read it every now and then to improve your vocabulary. 


With so much to do in college, like keeping up with lessons, meeting with classmates for study sessions, preparing for quizzes, and remembering to create citations for your paper, it is very smart to start setting tasks and reminders on a mobile app like Any.do. This is a powerful and beautiful application that lets you set reminders so you can always remember which tests and assignments are coming up. Plus, it’s free to use and syncs everything between devices while also allowing you to share your work with others in a very easy manner. 


Many students who are planning to go abroad for studies may find Duolingo a crucial app to have. This is one of the many language learning apps out there that make it fun to learn a new language and save time in the process. Students can access the interactive audio and animation-based lessons whenever they want and track their progress. The app also has a social media aspect where you can see how you are faring as compared to other users. If you want to speak another language, using apps like this one can be much more helpful than reading text off of flashcards and study aids. 

Sleep Cycle 

Getting the right kind of sleep is crucial for every student, just like it is important to use workout apps to keep in shape between going over study guides and creating mind maps. This application, in particular, tracks your movement during your sleep and wakes you up when your sleep is the lightest within a certain duration of time. By doing so, the app ensures that you wake up when you’re in the right part of your sleep cycle rather than making you feel groggy throughout the day. 


And with that, we come to the end of our list of the 7 top Android apps you should be using if you’re a student. All of these are free options or at least have a free tier so you don’t have to worry about spending money. Many can be used offline too so you can access them whenever you need to. 


7 Must-have Android Apps For Students