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5 international scholarships for business schools in London

Business schools in London have produced CEOs, government ministers, directors and many other illustrious figures. Nisreen Shocair is the CEO (Middle East) of the Yoox Net-A-Porter Group, Wong Kan Seng is the former Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, Maria Kiwanuka is the Senior Advisor to the President of Uganda — all three graduated from just one business school in London. There are seemingly countless more, who have seen their careers and lives transformed for the better.

Joining this club of success stories is the way to go. Now, while talent is universal, opportunity isn’t. With rent at an average of 341 pounds per month and prices increasing at the fastest pace in three decades, studying at business schools in London can be notoriously expensive.

The good news is there are scholarships to help fund — if not fully, partially — your tuition and living costs here. Here, we compile five scholarships for international students looking to study in these revered business schools in London.

Imperial College Business School

For 2022, the fee for the Full-Time MBA is 57,200 pounds. Recipients of The Black Future Leader Award and Forte Fellowships for Women can get up to 50% of this cost covered. To apply, you need to receive an offer for the Full-Time MBA and show an excellent academic, professional and leadership track record. Imperial offers other scholarships — worth up to 25,000 pounds — as well, where you do not need to prove you are self-funded. Check them out here.

Business schools in London are not as out of reach as you think. Source: Justin Tallis/AFP

London Business School

In 2022, tuition fees for its MBA is 97,500 pounds. If you have “clear academic and professional merit and can demonstrate the ability to contribute to all aspects of the MBA programme,” you’ll be automatically considered for London Business School Fund Scholarships — they cover full tuition fees. This is the MBA’s largest general group of scholarships, with multiple awards offered each year.

The African Scholarship, valued at 20,000 pounds, is awarded to successful MBA applicants who are nationals of African countries and meet the requirements.

Regent’s University London

Established in 2017, the Dr Nicholas Bowen Award for Excellence offers 2,000 pounds to one student who best demonstrates the following attributes: academic performance, a spirit of enterprise, commitment to internationalism, and ability to build community spirit amongst the student body. “Receiving the [award] allowed me to travel and study abroad in China and Argentina, which ended up being the best experiences in my degree,” says Roxanne Taku, a French citizen with Cameroonian heritage. “Study abroad changed me. I learnt where my boundaries are, I tested my limits, and I grew as a person.”

Another scholarship available to undergraduates of all nationalities is The Dean of Business & Management’s Excellence Scholarships. Each year, one scholarship will cover half the fees for the duration of a standard programme and two scholarships will cover a quarter of the fees for the duration of a standard programme.

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Frigidly cold? Yes. Yet, worth every single minute to get a full-ride scholarship at one of these business schools in London. Source: Tolga Akmen/AFP

Goldsmiths, University of London

GREAT Scholarships 2022 (India and Pakistan) are each worth 10,000 pounds as a fee waiver. Two students in India and Pakistan — who have received an offer of a place for one of the postgraduate-taught courses in the following departments: Institute for Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship; Computing, Design; Institute of Management Studies; Psychology; and Politics and International Relations — will be the lucky recipients. The application deadline is 11.59pm (BST) on Sunday May 22, 2022 — learn more here.

Hult Business School

Hult offers several need-based awards for undergraduate students: the Entrepreneurial Spirit Award, Social Impact Award, and Visionary Women Award. Recipients will get 40,000 pounds over four years or 30,000 pounds over three years. To apply, you must first submit your student application, and then a 400 to 500-word essay or a five-minute video that shows your commitment to each of the cause.

5 international scholarships to study in London’s business schools